What Orlando Bloom is secretly cooking in the kitchen

By October 16, 2016Blog

We all love Orlando Bloom, don’t we? The never-aging face, the height and Ohh gosh the smiles; could melt an ice cream. The ladies on twitter drool over him 24 hours daily.

orlando bloom

Orlando was able to create a buzz for himself as a top gun in Hollywood movies like Elizabethtown and played in some important movies too, like Troy, I love you and Main Street and so on.

Fans cannot wait to hear news of him popping here and there or even to see him in a new movie, for some time now Orlando bloom has been off the radar.

Gone are the days of LORDS OF THE RINGS where he played the role of Legolas who was an archer, a messenger as well as the son of Thranduil.

We all know he is dating one of the hottest and most sought after musician in the globe- KATY PERRY.


Katy Perry, who dished out a warm and inspiring session of talk at the Democratic National Convention which held on the 28th of July, 2016 in support of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Katy Perry made us understand that the original core of her message which emphasized on the benevolence of voting was fueled by her man, Orlando Bloom. So it is sufficient for us to say the man is handsome and very smart.

A Twitter fan was delighted by the messaged Perry passed across which says ” it does not matter where you are coming from, but what is important is what you later grow to become “.

however, Perry gave credit to Orlando for inspiring her to come up with such profound message, she just replied the fan and said “LANDO put that one in” we all know she meant LANDO as in or’LANDO’ BLOOM #winks….

orlando bloom twitter


Everywhere was in disarray when Bloom showed up for Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast – Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is a food and health program which talks about eating a proper diet and how to cook quality food.

They also address critical issues concerning our health such as food poisoning and wastages.

However, the debut series was incredibly electrifying most especially to the ladies when they saw Orlando Bloom was invited as a guest to the show.

Bloom cooked his favorite dish, talked about people he has worked with and so on, but I tell you, lads, nobody even noticed all this because all our eyes gazed on the sexiness of the man, i mean Orlando Bloom is just damn too fine.





Bloom recently joined the team of “SMART CHASE – FIRE & EARTH” – SMART CHASE – FIRE & EARTH is an action-thriller that is directed by the intelligent mind behind the movie “NIGHT FARE”… Mr. Julien Seri.

Blissbloom’s productions will be making their first production by overseeing and producing the SMART CHASE – FIRE & EARTH project alongside Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom will feature alongside other notable actors such as Jing Tian who was in the Great Walls and Cao Kefan who was in The Flowers of War.

GOOD NEWS!!! ORLANDO BLOOM is starring in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie – DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES” scheduled to be released MAY, 2017.

WALT DISNEY publicly made this clear that ORLANDO BLOOM who played the role of Will Turner would be repeating his role in the long-anticipated franchise alongside Captain Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp.

Orlando Bloom would play a significant role in these Two unreleased movies.

  1. Name of movie – UNLOCKED

Film director – Michael Mota

Actors include – Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom, Noomi Rapace and lots others.

Executive Movie producer – Georgina Townsley

Movie genre – thriller/suspense

Scheduled for release – 2016



Movie director – Espen Sandberg

Actors include – Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Brenton Thwaites, Orlando Bloom   and lots others.

Executive movie producer – Sir Jerry Bruckheimer

Movie genre – fantasy

Scheduled for release – 2017