The Future of Gun Control in the Administration of President Donald Trump

By November 15, 2016Blog
gun control

Donald Trump captivated the US with his controversial style during the campaigns. Though there were many who condemned his ways, he had many admirers as evident in the results of the polls. Now that he has taken the driver’s seat at the white house, what does he stand for? What will his policy represent and what are his sentiments concerning the future of gun control? In this article, we will take a closer look at what we should expect from the president-elect in the areas of gun control. Gun control has become a critical factor in the United States considering the number of gun related tragedies that our great Nation had experienced in the last few years.

During the campaigns, the elected president accused his Democratic opponent Mrs. Hillary Clinton of trying to strip away gun rights. He said it repeatedly, that he was going to protect the citizenry and save the second amendment. Mr. Trump was also endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), a major anti-gun control organization and they demonstrated their convictions about the Trump’s presidency by spending more than $30 million on the presidential election, with more than half targeting Hillary Clinton in negative advertising. The NRA believes that Americans have made their stand on gun control known by electing Mr. Trump as president.

However, Mr. Trump agreed to some aspects of gun control at a point during the campaigns, giving some advocates hope while others dismissed his assertion. During a presidential debate in September, he opined that anyone on airline terrorist watch lists should not be able to buy guns. He had this to say “I agree with you when a person is on a watch list or a no-fly list they should not be able to buy guns. I have the endorsement of the NRA, which I’m very proud of, these are very, very good people, and they are protecting the Second Amendment. But I think we have to look very strongly at no-fly-lists and watch lists.” That was the only time the president-elect had advocated gun control and that was a win in the eyes of some advocates.

It goes without saying that President Trump’s administration won’t pursue any meaningful gun control legislation. Mr. Trump thinks that laws have been ineffective in preventing gun violence. He claims legislation banning semi-automatic rifles and large magazines has been a total failure, failing to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. He doesn’t support tighter background checks, he’s opposed to an assault weapons ban, he believes mass shootings are due to mental problems, and he agrees that gun ownership makes our country safer not more dangerous.

Finally, Mr. Trump has made it clear that he is against gun control. He said law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearms of their choice and that the government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to possess. It is also expected that the Hearing Protection Act which encourages the use of silencers in guns should be passed within the first few months of his administration and the removal of restrictions on local gun carrying is also on the cards. The future looks bleak for gun control under the incoming administration but the congress has a major role to play as the drama of gun control unfolds.