Thanksgiving without Internet & Technology!

By November 22, 2016Blog

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays! We celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. However, the question is how much do you really know about this annual tradition? Since, if you’d canvass the roots of it, and explore its background, you’ll realize that it isn’t the same as before. It’s utterly changed. Today, we’ve the internet and advanced technology, which facilitates us in celebrating this day. From reading recipes to buying costumes, everything can happen within a few seconds, with just a simple press of a button.

We aren’t the dinosaurs anymore; we’re living in the 21st century. So, of course, we’d use the technology, but have you ever thought what if there is no internet, computer, or even books? What if you’re living in 1816? How would you celebrate this ‘thanksgiving’ day, without any knowledge regarding recipes, buying costumes, asking for candies, or using internet? Have you ever thought about it? Well, we’ve. Therefore, today, we’ve some astonishing, and thought-provoking ideas, which we’ve gathered after interviewing more than 1000’s of people, communicating with experts, & reading the religious roots in depth.

Dress like a Beggar… It’s not some assumption; it’s indeed a reality. You’d be dressing like a beggar, rather than showing your muscular chest in a superman costume. In the 19th century, when there wasn’t any sign of internet or technology, kids used to dress like beggars on Thanksgiving. Even the elders loved to dress up in old clothes and rags, playing the part of “ragamuffins” and parading in streets with their friends while having fun.

Ill-Behaved Celebrations… Yes, if we’d see the 200-years old thanksgiving celebrations, we’ll call them the ill-behaved celebrations, as we love to call ourselves well-behaved society today. Since, at that time, people used to wear masks for fun. They were in the habit of riding horses and bicycles, wearing masks, and throwing confetti and flour on pedestrians for thanksgiving fun… This was the allowable time from the public as well.

Old-Fashioned Feast… In the old days, there weren’t so many spices and delicious recipes like today. For that reason, in a way, if there isn’t any technology, you must be relishing old-fashion feasts too, such as, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruits, pumpkin, and etc. for the thanksgiving celebrations; they’re the historical menus. There wasn’t any deep-friend turkey, which you take pleasure in today with hundreds of spices.

Colonial-Era Drinks… What if I tell you, if you’re in a colonial-era, you must be drinking beer from large containers through straws, with your significant other, to avoid drinking debris floating in the drink? Would you believe that? You should. Of course, there were glasses, but on the thanksgiving days, people used to drink like this with friends and lovers. Besides, other than beer, there were Cider and Mead too to compliment the dinner table.

Most of us don’t know all these traditional histories, but if there isn’t internet, recipe-books, refrigerators, and etc, we’ve to adopt these traditions again; it doesn’t matter you love them or not, but you’ve to smile when some child will throw confetti or flour on you & laugh.