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October 2018 Update

Taylor Swift Breaks the Rules Again in Recent Instagram Post


Taylor Swift has long vowed to not discuss politics, but in a recent Instagram post on October 17, 2018, she just couldn’t help herself. The country and pop music sensation, who is mostly known in the news for her Taylor Swift boyfriend drama, took to Instagram to endorse two Democrats in the Tennessee midterms.

With every Instagram post she makes, Taylor Swift tickets sell faster, but her recent political-oriented post also led to a spike in voter registration.

The post showed her bare feet with toenails painted red, white, and blue, as well as a pic of her at the polls wearing patriotic apparel. The post was harmless and simply encouraged people, especially her younger fans, to visit Vote.org and register, as well as take advantage of the convenience of early voting. Her endorsement of Jim Cooper and Phil Bredesen has sparked a bit of drama, though.

Since she’s never been public about her political affiliations, fans weren’t sure what to think about the post, but it certainly encouraged many of them to register to vote and vote early on November 1, 2018.

According to Taylor, she wanted to encourage fans to go vote, and as for her reasoning for supporting the two Tennessee Democrats, she says she simply can’t support someone who won’t fight for the rights of all Americans. In her eyes, equality is a basis of human rights, and she refuses to back anyone who can’t support the same.

This year, Taylor Swift’s net worth was rated at $320 million, and the star’s ticket sales have skyrocketed during this year’s Reputation Tour, which will wrap up in November 2018 with a final concert in Tokyo.

With the reaction she’s received from her political comments, we’re left to wonder if we’ll hear any more about the subject from Taylor anytime soon. Stay tuned!

August 2018 Update

Taylor swift, an American singer, song writer and of the world’s best contemporary recording artists recently had a remarkable event on Saturday night, Aug 4, 2018 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. The 28 year old singer on her Reputation Tour surprised attendees with electrifying performances where she performed alongside Bryan Adams.  They both rocked out to his hit song titled “Summer of 69”. The singer later wrote on her Instagram account to thank him for their performance at the event. Special guest artist such as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were also present at the event.  They both hung out at backstage and Taylor Swift decided to give his BFF a glittery makeover.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds while attending close friend Taylor Swift‘s reputation Tour show on Saturday night (July 28) in Foxborough, Mass, the pair totally freaked out when they heard daughter 3-year-old James‘ voice when the singer introduced the song “Gorgeous.” After the 28-year-old entertainer dropped the song, tons of fans started speculating that it was little James’s voice that kicks off the track before Taylor officially confirmed it.

On the 26th of July, Hayley Kiyoko joined Swift to perform her (Kiyoko) song “Curious” from her debut album, Expectations in front of an excited crowd at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough during the latest stop on the reputation Stadium Tour. She later thanked swift for reaching out to her and inviting her on stage.


Taylor swift also performed at the Wembley stadium in London on the 22nd of June, alongside Robbie Williams where they both performed to his hit song “Angels”. Taylor also invited the former One Direction member; Niall Horan to perform his song “Slow Hands” at the same venue.

On Wednesday, 1st of August, Taylor swift was spotted rocking a colorful gym gear for a morning workout session in New York City. She wore a powder blue and white zip-up hoodie, black and white gym shorts, and multicolored sneakers with grey and pink socks. She was also spotted on dark nail polish, black sunglasses, and her headphones as she was greeted by the crowd of photographers. This was before her reputation tour.

There was a feud between Chloe Moretz and Kanye West on Twitter in which Taylor decided to take side. On Monday night (July 30), the actress appeared live on the Watch What Happens show to address the issue. On the show she opened up about the relationship status with Taylor swift. She was quoted saying “Well. Not personally, no, I didn’t hear anything but I think that I really like her new album, and I like her new path that she’s on in her career. It seems very honest. It seems very real. She seems like she’s really killing it right now.

Taylor Swift gives back to the Massachusetts community before her tour on Fri, 27 July 2018. She gave ‘reputation Tour’ Tickets to a grieving police department due to the loss of Sgt. Michael Chesna, who was killed during a car crash investigation earlier this month.. She donated some amount of tickets to the town of Weymouth for her upcoming tour. She provided enough tickets for every firefighter, police officer and extended family to attend the concert while the excess were distributed to other nearby police departments. The gesture was however absolutely generous, significant and appreciated by the community.