Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream Book Review

By November 21, 2016Blog
take my heart child book review
Take Heart, My Child: A Mother's Dream
Ainsley Earhardt

November is pulling all the right strings for mothers & children, as Ainsley Earhardt published her long awaiting book, “Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream”, which is all about precious life-changing lessons parents can pass onto their children so that they can relish a wonderful and prosperous life, live above the standard lines, and pursue their passions & dreams. In other words, it’s a mother’s loving poem to her newborn child, which Earhardt created in the most breathtaking manner; it’s her aim to make every child feel protected, loved, & cherished.

Ainsley Earhardt, who is a trendy FOX news anchor as well, updated the expectations of avid readers. With the assistance of Cristaldi, it’s her lyrical lullaby. Once you read it, you feel like it’s been created for every child and mother on this planet. The story moves from the sea to the forest and into the night sky, but in the beginning, explained it in fantastic terms – “Before you were born, before you shared my day, I dreamed a love song, near a grand deer ballet.” There is a pinch of her life too, which she explained it in a beautiful way.


Though, the advice in “Take Her, My Child” can be syrupy and well-known, but the new aspect of it became a turning point. The light-dappled illustrations are complimenting the whole information in the most outstanding manner and turning her book into a fantasy, which can be turned into a reality too. Here we’ve to praise the work of Jaime Kim – who is a professional illustrator and created award-winning illustrations aroused by childhood memories of her family, as well as movies, art, and the outside world. The sun, the moon, the stars, and the sky are her preferred subjects, which is why they always appear in her work; a young woman and six deer prancing through a field and her daughter swinging from a tree with dreams in her eyes, gazing at the moon, and flying a kite on the beach.

This book can be called as a ‘love’ poem as well, which isn’t only showing the beautiful life, but also in a way supporting a child and revealing that there can be roadblocks ahead, however, he/she can tackle them and find mother with him/her all the time: “If you grow lonely, or stars disappear, take heart my child, I’ll always be near.” According to Ainsley fans, she injected life into a dream in the most pleasing manner that motivates a child.


In the “story behind the story”, Ainsley Earhardt revealed the motivation and purpose behind this exceptional book. Her father used to write messages to her each morning, leaving notes on the breakfast table so that she can feel she’s loved, cherished, and protected always… And, this daily habit shaped her future in more than one ways.


Now, the big question, “Can this be a birthday gift?” Of course, it’s a very outstanding gift for expectant mothers and small children. It’s a very sweet & precious universal message, a 32-page book, especially created for providing beautiful & positive hopes. Once you read, you realize the hope Ainsley giving can move the mountains for a child… We promise!