Supermoon – 3 Jaw-Dropping Views!

By November 21, 2016Blog

The biggest, brightest moon is the “Supermoon”, and we’re lucky as it appeared after almost 68 years. However, according to science, it’s the coincidence of the full-moon/new-moon with the closes approach to the earth on its elliptical orbit. Besides, because of it gravitational force & real physical affects, it can cause larger-than-usual tides… The question is if it’s that simple, then “Why there is so hype?” Well, it’s because millions of reasons. First, there is media hype, as it explains supermoon is a sign of some big event or disaster, which we have seen in 2004 and 2011 – earthquakes & tsunamis. Though, they weren’t the big & bright supermoons like 14th November, 2016. But, they’ve stamped their affects through big events in our minds.

In addition, there are some immensely interesting superstitions attached to it. For example, various people think that there will be a world-shaking event, and it will happen in any form – political, war, or anything like that. Other than that, one say it’s almost like something is about to change, and change can be positive as well, but more than 80% people vote for negative change when the supermoon appears on the night sky – please, keep in mind that this survey is just about the whole world. Most people believe that there would be a change, but it can be positive as well, when it comes to their relationships, career, wealth, or health.

Though, cloudy conditions hampered the efforts of many sky-gazers, but we’ve some best and stunning supermoon pictures, which we’ve received from different parts of the world.

super moon

This breathtaking supermoon was gracing the skies of Australia on 14th November 2016. Australians flocked to capture this extraordinary event. For Michael Brown, who is a professional astronomer at Monash University and a member of the Astronomical Society of Australia said that, without equipments, the best way to relish the supermoon is when it’s rising, as that time you can compare it to other objects, like trees, buildings, and etc.

super moon 2



The people of Hungry were also rather lucky to experience the jaw-dropping views of supermoon. Millions of people used their smartphones to capture the most brilliant shots; they comprehended that it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and they availed it rather well. It was a tad different from Australian supermoon, since there were pinch of red shades which were paralyzing people with astonishment, and igniting fire among the couples.

supermoon 3

A nearly full supermoon rose above the valley of gods, Utah, USA. Lots of binoculars were out as it was so close you could almost touch it. The best thing about Utah’s supermoon is that it grabbed the headlines in the top-notch newspapers and magazine, as it was so perfect, mesmerizing, & looking like a giant yellowish light bulb. Lots of couples locked their lips with love when the supermoon was in all of its glory, and took memorable pictures.

Concluding Thoughts

Please, keep in mind that “Supermoon” isn’t the astrological term; the real and scientific name of this event is “Perigee-Syzygee”. We use the term supermoon because our media uses this term, over and over again, to define our celestial neighbor when it’s bigger, brighter, and beautiful. Though, some professional astronomers criticize that but public adopted the ‘supermoon’ term, as it rubs the shoulders of magnificence and romance.