Stylish Halloween Countdown Costumes for 2016

By October 14, 2016Blog
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Do Halloween Costumes Scare You?


Tic-tac, tic-tac… the countdown to the most exciting time of the year has started. Halloween is creeping out on us, getting closer and closer with each day. It can get scary, but trust me: nothing is scarier than a cheesy, boring and out-of-style Halloween costume. It can be a true challenge coming up with something original, although the majority follows the trends of the newest movie releases. Well, don’t be surprised if you‘ll be one of the dozens Harley Quinn copycats at a Halloween party. You have to make an inspired choice, a statement making Halloween costume that would be remembered.

Ok, so what would it be?

Ghostbusters is a pretty popular Halloween theme this year. Although it has been around for a while, the Ghostbusters theme has been revived by the launch of the franchise with an all-female cast. Whether you opt for an improvisation or a ready-made costume, the Ghostbusters costume is a sure-fire way to make an impression and to have lots and lots of fun. The costume comes as a jumpsuit with distinctive horizontal orange stripes, with working boots and various accessories (such as backpacks, ghost catching equipment, wigs, gloves). If you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can find a used worker jumpsuit, add some rubber boots and improvise a ghost catching device from a cardboard box or why not, carry a small vacuum J : suck those annoying creatures with a simple switch!  Imagine trying to chase ghosts at the party or going after the biggest monster out there. Guaranteed fun!

ghostbusters halloween costumes

Rose and Jack from Titanic

Have you watched the Titanic at least 10 times? Can’t get past the scene where Jacks is slowly getting surrounded by the cold ocean while Rose’s tears freeze in the arctic wind?  Hopeless romantics…you only have one option:  to become Rose and Jack this Halloween. This will make all your friends go “awwww” – and this is exactly what you want. Make sure you find some vintage looking costumes – a dapper suit for Jack, with suspenders and a charming dress, maybe a corset for Rose. For an extra impact, think about the scene I just mentioned above: soaked wet look (maybe use some hair oil), a freezing blue/silverfish face makeup and why not, a scrap from the old Titanic for Rose to hang on after Jack gets some extra couple of drinks and sinks under the table. 😀

titantic costume


The Pokémon craziness has taken the world by storm, and this Halloween is not an exception. Pokémon Halloween costumes can range anywhere from hilarious to sexy, so they work just fine for men/women/children alike. Obviously, if you want to be recognized as a Pokémon character, you’ll have to choose one that is easy to recognize. Otherwise, you will probably have to explain yourself all night long: “Don’t you know? I’m a Pokémon character…the one with the fuzzy…don’t you know that one?” Want to nail it from the start? Choose any of the following:

  • Pokeball is a very popular costume. The white-red costume can be an easy DIY project, but you can also find a number of options online or in stores.
  • Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokémon character. I absolutely love the versatility of the character, since you can go anywhere from playful, sexy, childish or even scary – if you get creative on the way. Yellow can definitely be your color this Halloween!
  • Jigglypuff is an ideal choice if you want to be the cutest thing amongst horrendous, thrilling and bloody Halloween creatures. You will surely be the tastiest treat with the pastel hue and sing-song voice.

pokeman costume

Harley Quinn

This Halloween is definitely going to be under the sign of Harley Quinn. The infamously sexy character from Suicide Squad has inspired women (and some men) across the globe even before the Halloween night. Makeup tutorials, costumes, and attitude – you can find them with easy if you decide to become a killer sexy bomb on Halloween. However, try to add a touch of creativity because you will surely have some serious competition. The solution would be the classic harlequin costume with a twist. Just use your imagination, and you will blast anyone – with your looks!


harley quinn costume


Donald Trump

With the presidential race on all headlines, it would be only natural to have a touch of politics and craziness during the Halloween night. Donald Trump costumes were a big hit even last year, but this year they have a hot comeback. This steamy character can be easily adjusted to so many moods, it’s hilarious – don’t forget the wig, cause it’s almost impossible to recreate that hair! Mad Trump, crybaby Trump or sexy trump are just a few ideas on how you can get the most of this character. For added effect – get your friend dressed as hysterical Hillary and a bunch of red balloons. We guarantee a fun, bubbling election campaign right in the middle of the party.

This Halloween is all about being original and memorable. Consider the above ideas, and try to get as creative as possible. The options are virtually endless, and the bottom line is to have freakishly good fun. Happy Halloween, folks!