Remarkable Gadgets Welcomed in 2016

By October 15, 2016Blog

The year 2016 hasn’t remained untouched by the wave of technology & e-commerce, welcoming another series of exciting marvelous gadgets that you would like to play with. Let’s discuss here the top five gadgets of the year that proved to be a standout:



Segways, being a pioneer in coming up with innovations have released an advanced personalized Robot with the traditional robotic touch in terms of appearance & magnetic. the product offers an amazing & unimaginable blend of working as a Personal assistant along with mode of transport aspect that have made it one of the most craziest yet amusing invention of the year by the group. Let’s hope that the robot would work more than a vacuum cleaner for one‘s house!



After novel concepts of LED & smart TV, here comes in the ultra -faster Modular TV by Samsung, as one of the most interesting “big idea” for 2016’s energetic, tech -savvy consumers.

The Modular TV is so loud and interactive that each one of its bits & screen speaks itself ,i.e., can be used for multi-purpose to watch more than one show at a time  & also can function together as whole forming screen in diverse ratios. When you ‘ll look the screen as a whole it would give you a totally seamless visionary experience & making you lost in the colors of the invention without even recognizing.

modular tv


Livestream has come up with a 4K Action camera, the Livestream Movi, revealing a complete intuitive aspect of action camera one has never even thought of before. The action cam although seems smaller but captures all your lively moments intelligently on spot & make you edit your precious snapshots  up to 9 virtual lenses ,through a built-in app by simply plugging-in to your smart phone. Priced for just $399, The Movi gives you freedom to edit, crop & even beautify your pictures –all featured within just a single app. Lets spice up your memories with the Livestream Movi these summers with endless video-streaming experience waiting for you.

movi large tv


Are you looking for a high-tech car with reasonable price? Chevy Bolt is the right choice for you to go with. Designed with the most sophisticated silvery touch with an amazing $30,000 price range, the car significantly communicates the aesthetics of a modern hatchback. Moreover, the inner room is equipped with a wider 10-2 touch screen, shining on the front of dashboard coupled with bells & whistles. Although, the car isn’t that much good as Tesla is but with such consumer-friendly pricing  the car is making a strong way  as a ”future of electrical -cars”.


bold chevrolet




DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner jumps in as one of the great news of this year for diabetes crowd & diet conscious people. Designed on a built-in  food identifier app, what this little scanner can do is that it scan the inner chemical makeup of your food or drink you are having in hand & signal whether particular food or beverage is suitable for your health or not. The gadget has come in as a miracle for today’s people running desperately behind genuine food intake.

diet sensor