New Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog

By October 16, 2016Blog

The pleasure we benefit from having a dog are numerous, part of which are the protection, loyalty, love, friendliness, and fun. Dog parenting exceeds feeding and shelter. There are new ways to take care of your beloved four-legged friend in 2016 and make sure your pet lives in the best environment with the best facilities. As you read on, you will discover up-to-the-minute methods to take good care of your pet.

Technology is around us today for different utilizations. It is also equally required to keep your pet in good health and welfare.

According to statistics, adapted from, 54% of dogs in America suffered from a bad environment. Regularly walking exercise with your dog can help the dog to maintain a very good shape. Apart from that, we can also make use of Dog fitness trackers, to help your obese dog lose weight. This application provides the information of the examined dog in charts and graphs on daily basis and transfers them to your attached Smartphone or computer via Bluetooth.

PitPat is a good application for this purpose; it is usually attached to the dog collar to monitor the dog behaviors around the clock. The device is comfortable to use because of its lightweight and waterproof feature. Another function of the app is that it suggests exercise with guides for your dog depending on the age, activity and kind.

Another cool application is PetBot. The device aids your conversation with your pet while you are not at around through live videostreaming with your dog. It is unique from other webcam pet monitors because of it feature to take occasional pictures of your dog all through the day. It also enables you to talk with your dog through it inbuilt speakers and send treats. The device works as if you at home, while you are not and let you see the pictures taken by the device, while you were away from home. This device guarantees the wellbeing of your pet.

Just like the human, your four-legged friend might get bored while you are away, so you need something to get your Dog engaged. CleverPet will help keep your dog company, while you are away. It is a game console specifically created for dogs to dispel boredom and get them entertained when owners are not around. It interacts with the dog through touch pads, lights, and sound cues just to solve the puzzle. The game console has a feature whereby you can record your voice, and the game console plays it to make your pet feels your presence and reinstate a lively environment, making the pet feel that her owner is around and in actual fact, you are at work or distanced from home. The application also makes you monitor the dog behaviors, just like Pitbot.

If you still feel distanced from your beloved pet. Then you need PawsCam, this device is also attached to the dog collar and let you see things through it lens from the perspective of your pet. The third eye feature of this device permits you to monitor your dog performance and capture important moments of your dog in pictures and six-second videos. The device sends the videos and pictures to you, while away using your home’s WiFi connectivity.

You also don’t have to wash and rinse your dog in your bathtub. The Canine Shower stall is the best alternative to fulfill that. The dog shower has a specified and fitting place for your dog to stay during a bath with a 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead for thorough bath and clean up your pet.

Tagg pet tracker is another great device to locate your dog, whenever your pet could not find her back home. The device has GPS capabilities, which aids the swift location of your dog using your Smartphone’s map application. With the help of this device, you can know always know the location of your pet anytime and anywhere.

With these new technological devices, you could give your pet the best care and in turn have rest of mind, regardless of your location and distance from your beloved four-legged friend.