20 Unique Ways To Make Money Without a Job

By October 26, 2016Blog

The unemployment rate in U.S. as at August 2016 was recorded at 4.9 percent with about 8 million unemployed individuals. But many people do not know that there are many ways to earn money even without a job.


make money online

make money online

You can make money legitimately using any of these 20 distinct ways. Just choose the best one that suits you. Some of these ways require little or no training but what is important is your ability to grow. With your skills, knowledge, talents, ability you can start making serious money from any of these methods using your  laptop and mobile phone with a wireless connection.

Blogging: This method is around for a while now and a lot of people are using it to make money on daily basis, even while sleeping. All you need to do is to choose a platform and niche you have knowledge and passion for. Then you will always have to update your blog timely just to retain and build readership. As you publish articles on your blog and drive traffic to it, your readership will increase over time. When you have a large readership you can monetize your blog by placing adverts. Clicks on any of the Google Adsense adverts on your blog converts to money over time.  To start blogging you need a platform. You can use Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr.

Affiliate Marketing: With this system, you can also make a lot of money by referring the potential buyer to a particular product on the internet. The product can either be virtual or physical, but virtual products are common in most cases. As you make sales, there is a percentage out of the total amount of product that  will be given to you. When you register as a member to promote an affiliate program, you will get a referral link to the particular product you are promoting. With the link, you will know when you have a purchase. Some Affiliate Programs pay up to half amount of the promoted product when a purchase is made through your link. With this method, all you need to do is to drive traffic to your landing page (a site where you provide detail information about the affiliate product) and make sure it is compelling enough to generate serious sales. If you do not have any sales you will not be commissioned.

Online or Paid Surveys: taking surveys can be exciting and rewarding. Surveys are utilized by big companies to know the thoughts of consumers about them and their products or services. It gives the privilege to know the product that might be introduced to the market. You can do this anytime you desire, there is no specified time. The example of questions, you need to answer are: how many times do you drink coca cola in a month, What type of cloth do you love to  wear, and how many people use this particular product around you. The secret to this is that big companies gather the surveys to improve their services, address a particular issue and know how the consumers feel about then. You can earn about $5 per survey that might last for 30 minutes or 1 hour. After taking several surveys sucessfully and you have reached the minimum payout plan, you will get your money through PayPal or check.

Selling on eBay: eBay is an online marketplace to sell old or new things.  You can either sell things on eBay or buy and resell things on eBay and make money. You can get a laptop for $150 and resell it for $200. You can make more especially when you win a bid at a ridiculous amount and resell it in your locality or online.  Since the goal is to sell and make a profit from it. eBay has thousands of listed items for sale, and most of these items are things that someone like you listed for  sell probably because the person does not need it anymore or also want to make money by selling it. Remember, you buy and sell the product online. All you will have to do is to ship the item to your buyers when they pay for your items.

Buy and resell items: You can also purchase items from classified sites like Craigslist, Kijiji or Backpage, and resell it on eBay and make a profit from it. Items on Craigslist are usually cheap and there is usually profit in reselling it, depending on the particular item. You can also negotiate on Craigslist and resell at the double amount on eBay.

Kindle eBook publishing: Kindle was introduced by Amazon in 2008, as a platform to write and sell eBook without any delay. Your eBook will be reviewed and published after few hours of uploading in a simple Word document but Amazon uses .mobi document format. You earn 70% and Amazon takes 30% from every successful sale of your book. When your earnings amount to $100 threshold in a month, you can request for withdrawal through paper check or direct deposit into your provided bank account. Almost all online marketplaces accept PayPal for withdrawal and payment but Amazon does not for reason unknown. The secrets to earning big on Amazon Kindle is to package value and write non-fiction with a great cover design.

Earn through Fiverr: Fiverr is one of the largest world’s marketplaces for different individuals to make money selling services, referred to as gigs starting from $5.  You can sell almost any service on this platform, that fit into any of these sections from Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Voiceover, Software developer among others to buyers around the globe. With Fiverr extras, you can earn more than $5 per order. Though the price for the gig is not much but it increases to a reasonable amount of money  over time with persistence and excellent service delivery.

Reselling Fiverr Gigs: This is another way to make money effortlessly by standing as a middleman between a buyer and interact with a seller. Since Fiverr gigs go for  $5 mostly. You can buy a gig from a seller with good reviews and rating and resell on other freelance sites to a buyer that is willing to pay more than the purchased price, on sites like Upwork, peopleperhour, Odesk and  Freelancer that sell more than $5. This method is similar to that of buying on Craiglist and reselling on eBay as noted before.

Get paid as an app tester: You can also make money on the internet from the comfort of your home by just testing apps before the developer releases it to the public.  You will provide information such as what you like and dislike about the app, certain things you were able to do with the app, and suggest how users can enjoy the app easily. The developers will use the provided information to improve the app before final release. All you need is a Smartphone, computer and probably microphone and webcam and you are good to go to earn $10 to $100 for successfully testing an app or get a free app. You can visit any of these sites to start earning money:  UserTesting, Userlytics, TestBirds, UserFeel and Upwork.


Upload Videos on Youtube: This is very similar to blogging but in this case, your contents are not articles, they are videos. Informative and quality videos attract people and get morgrate views. To start uploading videos, you need to open a Youtube account and upload several quality videos that you have the copyright and drive traffic to your videos so that they will float in search results and get more viewers attentions. As your views increase, then you can earn money from the Google Adsense ads displayed before your videos.

Earn big as an information Marketer: the high demand for more information now paved way for information marketing. Information Marketers task is to provide detailed answers to the questions of the people and the way they achieve this is by documenting and selling eBooks. The eBooks contain the answers to the questions of the people. You also can earn big with this method by researching and writing detailed eBook on a particular topic and market at a reasonable price to the millions of people who needs the information contained in your eBook. Information marketing is a multi-million dollar business.

Promote Amazon products on Facebook: Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 1.5 billion monthly users and 18 billion yearly. With this method, you can earn money online without any expertise because the secret to this is the massive traffic on Facebook. You have sign up as Amazon Associate and create a Facebook fan page to promote products. For every successful sale through the affiliate product link shared on your Facebook page, you will earn commissions. But you will have to direct traffic to your page to build your audience before you can earn big. To retain your audience, you have to share valuable contents and not only Amazon affiliate products.

Join Freelancer: Another serious way of making money than your previous job is to sign up on Freelancer and offer quality services based on your skill. Freelancer is the largest outsourcing marketplace, to seek for jobs, do them to the satisfaction of the buyer and get paid. As a member of this platform, you will have to search for a job that you can execute perfectly and place a bid on it, the buyer will then choose the preferred freelancer. The key to always win any bid on freelancer is to have a good proposal and portfolio. The revenue you generate on this platform can be received through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer Debit MasterCard, ACH and wire transfer.

Sell Photos on Shutterstock: You can also make money by sharing high-quality pictures on Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a photo marketplace, with different users all over the world. All you have to do to start making money is to register and upload high-quality photos and retain the copyright. When a buyer purchases any of your pictures, you earn up to 30% of your pictures selling price. The resolution of your pictures will determine how much you will earn through it but they pay $0.25 and $28 per successful sale.

Freelancer Affiliate Program: Apart from working on freelancer.com, you can also make money as an affiliate by referring employer to get their job done on freelancer.com. You can really make big money through this because freelancer pays 100% of the fees they ought to take for the first 100 days. You can make $250 per successful referral and even more than that depending on the amount paid for the job by the employer.

Amazon virtual customer service: Amazon has a lot of grounds to cover and you can help with that and get paid. In a day, you can make $11 an hour by taking call for Amazon. This job is meant for people living in selected areas; you can search for the job and apply for it through their career page.

Take and sell stock photos on iStockPhoto: this is also a great platform to sell your stock photos. You will earn on iStockPhoto depending on the popularity and download rate of your pictures. Their payout starts with 15% per download to 45% download. Selling stock photos on this platform is profitable because of their massive visitors on daily basis, with that can you imagine the amount of money you can make by just taking high-resolution pictures and selling them on daily basis?

Sell physical products on Amazon: Amazon is the largest marketplace to sell physical products in North America without physical interaction with your buyer. With Amazon, you can run an e-store from the comfort of your home by listing your product with an attractive and detailed product description. There are over 175 million visitors on monthly, out of that Amazon makes $100 billion annual sales. Amazon can be the best option among other e-commerce platforms to sell on.

Domain Flipping: Without a domain name, a website cannot exist, because it is built on it. Domain business is a very lucrative online business, that anybody can make money from with no required skill but knowledge to buy domains that will sell big. Jon Schultz bought ebola.com for $13,500 in 2008 and resell for $200,000 in 2014. You also can buy different domains at lower prices and resell to interested buyers at a higher price. The top domain broker in the world is Flippa and you will have to register with them to start domain flipping.

Make money as an online tutor: You could make good money as a tutor if you have the knowledge and ability to teach. A tutoring business permits you to share your knowledge on a particular subject area with students and get paid. In most cases, you don’t need a degree to be an online tutor. There are many means to tutor online but you can set up a profile on Elance and get hired through their service providers section or Tutor.com but their screening can last for 3 weeks after submitting your application.

Making money without a job is not a hard thing, as long as you are willing to follow the necessary procedures, work hard and learn more you will make serious money that exceeds your previous earning