10 Things You Didn’t Know About Anthony Weiner

By November 5, 2016Blog

Anthony Weiner is fairly tall, 5ft 10in, is the richest celebrity in the city. Though he was not from a powerful family, he rose to fame steadily. In 1981, he graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School and in 1985. Now, he has a net worth close to $1 million.

Now 52, Anthony David Weiner was born on the 4th September, 1964 into the family of a Jewish father, Mort Weiner, who was a lawyer by profession. His mother, Frances (nee Finkestein), was a teacher in a public high school where she thought Mathematics. They both lived happily in the Park Slope near Brooklyn.

Weiner’s philosophy, from his youth, had been working hard and hard. He undoubtedly became the youngest councilman in the history of the city. He was elected unopposed in a heavily democratic district and emerged winner at age 27.
Weiner ran and won the Congress seat in 1998. This seat was previously held by Chuck Schumer, his mentor, who he worked with for 3 years. Weiner won the primary election which meant an automatic success in the finals in the heavily Democratic district.
He contested and loss twice in the New York City mayoral elections in 2005 and also 2013 but was unsuccessful in the two. These losses may not be unconnected with the sexting scandal that went viral during the periods.

In 2009, Weiner made marriage proposal to a smart beautiful lady, Huma Abedin, a personal aide of Hillary Clinton, on May 23, 2009. Anthony Weiner got married on July 2010 to the aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin. Abedin, Muslim, is of Indian and Pakistani descent. Bill Clinton, former president, officiated the wedding. The couples moved to an expensive, $3.3 Manhattan apartment.

However, he got his finger burnt during widespread sexting scandal. On May 27, 2011 Weiner’s photo leaked. The link to a photo of his erect penis concealed by boxer briefs was allegedly sent by him to a twenty-one year old college lady student from Seattle, Washington. Weiner swiftly removed the link from his twitter account and denied the allegation. But Dan Wolfe captured the photo. He, nonetheless, cleverly blamed his woes to his political opponents.

On June 16, 2011, Weiner pronounced his resignation from the Congress. He made this announcement in Brooklyn at a news conference. The going was really tough and he bowed by submitting his letter of resignation formally on June 16, 2011. His resignation was effective midnight on June 21 and on June 23, it was read on the floor of the House of Representatives.

In April 2013, Weiner announced his return to politics. He vied for the candidacy for mayor of New York City. However, on the 23rd July, 2013 he ran out luck again. More pictures of his explicit photo and messages emerged. It was published by the website, The Dirty. They were sent under the alias “Carlos Danger” to another 22-year old woman. In August 2016, Abedin, tired of the incessant sexting, made an announcement that she would pull out of the marriage with the shamed politician, Weiner.