10 things that most people don’t know about Election Day

By October 13, 2016Blog
  1. Knowledge of poll locations and registration

The most important thing that voters need to know beforehand, and which many of them don’t, is the knowledge of the polling stations and their current registration, which is because the polling locations keep changing. Voters can have this prerequisite knowledge from their respective elections office through a simple phone call or from the board of elections of the county, city, or state.

  1. Identification confirmation

Even if you are registered in a particular polling station, you still might be required to prove your identity. While this is not always required, you never know, so therefore it is a good idea to bring along some sort of ID such as driver’s license, paycheck, or a current utility bill in order to prove your identification. Any other document that includes your name and address would also work.

  1. Registration on the Election Day

A very important aspect of polling that perhaps most of the voters are not aware of is the fact that a voter can get registered on the Election Day. If your name is not on the ballot list on the Election Day, you can contact a poll worker who would provide you with a provisional ballot. To have provisional ballot, you would need to provide a proof of resident document which can be a driver’s license or a state ID card.

  1. Time off on Election Day

An important thing that a lot of people are not aware of is that they are entitled to have a time off on the Election Day. The exact time varies from state to state and can be 2 or more hours. If the voter reproduces the evidence of voting, the pay cannot be reduced. However, the request for time off should be made at least a day before the Election Day.

  1. Standing in Line

Standing in line ensures order and this is what most people know. However, what a lot of people do not know is the fact that voters standing in line waiting to vote when the polling closes are still permitted to vote. So it you are standing in line and the polling closes, you would still be permitted to vote. This is all the more important reason to make a queue for voting.

  1. Absentee Ballots

Voters need to be well aware of the requirements for absentee ballots. In case an absentee ballot is mailed to you, it must be received in the municipal clerk’s office by the afternoon of the Election Day. If it is not received by then, your vote will be wasted so better be sure to follow the timing requirements.


  1. Avoid Political Clothing

While political clothing seems to be a trend in some places, it is generally a good idea to avoid it on the Election Day. In some states, if you wear political clothing to the polling stations on the Election Day, the chief election inspector may ask you to remove them. In certain cases, you can even be asked to leave the polling place. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you are advised to leave political paraphernalia at homes before going to the polling stations.

  1. Reporting Problems

It is important for the voters to know whom to contact in case they detect problems in the voting day, such as voter fraud, intimidation, and electioneering etc. In such cases, they should immediately contact the chief election inspector at the polling place. If that doesn’t work, they may contact the municipal clerk’s office or local law enforcement.

  1. Straight-Party Voting

While the practice of straight-party voting is prevalent in certain states, most of the states have abolished it. This means that voters need to vote for each office on the ballot separately. So the voters should be aware whether their state allows it or not.

  1. Follow the Instructions

A lot of voters do not know how to use the voting machines and certain other aspects of voting. For such people, it is important to follow the signs and instructions which will be posted at the polling place. Since a lot of voters vote for the first time and are not fully aware of the equipment and voting requirements, it is advisable for them to follow the instructions closely.